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Pure Tuning Redline Time Attack Round 3 at Autobahn Joliet

June 25th, 2009

Autobahn Country Club was a great venue for this event as the track and facilities are top notch, but over the years the south course has gotten a little bumpy making it a little more challenging.

The car was great and fairly maintenance free all weekend. The tracks bumpy braking zones made it challenging for suspension dial in but after a couple sessions we were able to dial the car in where we felt there wasn’t a loss in handling ability.

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The first day of practice went clean leaving us in second place by a tenth of a second in the Unlimited-FWD, but we also knew the World Racing Scion TC driven by Chris Rado had more in it than it did up to that point.

Sunday would start with two practice sessions, one round of competition, another round of practice followed up by the last round of competition. From the start of the day rain was in the forecast and without rain tires we were wishing for the first round of competition to be dry.

The Time Attack sessions would put only five cars on course at a time based on practice times spread out by 5-6 seconds. Each round would allow five laps; 1 warm up, 3 timed, and 1 cool down.

Being the 5th fastest in the unlimited class we were sandwiched between Tarzan Driving the Crawford STI and Daddio in the AMS TA-X. Rado in the TC and Bush in the 350Z were staged next to us. We went out and clocked lap two in a 1:34.3, lap three in a 1:34.1, and lap four in a 1:34.063. This was a great improvement from practice in the low 1:35s, but we knew it was still faster than a 1:34. Unfortunately the World Racing Scion clocked a 1:30.7 in the third lap making us wish we had a boost knob.

Rain was on the horizon and we made the call not to go out for the final round in fear of an incident on full slicks and packing up in the pouring rain is never fun. We knew we couldn’t beat the World Racing Scion and the third place car, Top Setup K20 CRX, was two seconds behind us so we knew our second place spot was fairly secure. The last round wasn’t any faster for any of the cars in the Unlimited Class but it remained dry until about five minutes after the session was over…Go Figure! We were looking for a mid 1:33 by the end of the day which was defiantly in our grasp, but fell just shy of our goal.

Overall the event was a great success. We met some good people and caught up with some old friends. Thanks to Redline for putting on a great event.

Final Unlimited-FWD Results:
Unlimited-FWD: Chris Rado / World Racing Scion tC / 1:30.717
Unlimited-FWD: Aaron Byram / Pure Tuning EK Civic / 1:34.063
Unlimited-FWD: Charles Rhyu / Top Setup CRX / 1:36.061
Unlimited-FWD: Eric Burnmeister / MMD Mazdaspeed 3 / 1:40.134

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