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PURE TUNING Dyno Day Saturday Sept 26th.

September 23rd, 2009

Dyno Day

PURE TUNING Dyno Day Saturday Sept 26th.


We love having our dyno day at the end of the season when the weather is a little cooler and everyone has had a full summer to play with their cars. So before you put it away for the season you can find out if your money spent this season netted any whp.

This year we are going to do a preregister & prepay. Years past it was first come first serve which equaled chaos and a very long day.
There will be 20 spots available with four on fence in case of cancellations or if there is time at the end of the day for a few more cars.

Once registration is full we will post an itinerary for the day based on drivetrain layout. Grouping cars together with the same layout will speed things up greatly.

The day Starts at 10am and ends when we are done but we close at 7pm.

Our Dyno:
Mustang AWD-1100-SE

The cost will be:
$45 2WD
$55 AWD
Runs include wideband sniffer and boost hookup.
Drag slicks or wrinkle walls are permitted, but will be ran at higher pressures to prevent failure.

Cars will get 2-3 pulls depending on the car with 3 pulls max. Minor changes will be aloud so vehicle owners can see the comparisons.
Changes must me made in a quick effective manor so not to impede on others dyno time.

Any other questions please feel free to ask.

Payments can be sent via paypal to aaron@pure-tuning.com .
You can also call our shop to submit payment via credit card 419-474-7992 or visit our website at http://www.pure-tuning.com .
Please include your vehicle info and email used for contact.

RUN ORDER / Preregistration List:
RWD (Starts at 10am)
1.Vector – 03 Cobra (payment still needed)
2.Fordguy545 – 88 Ford Thunderbird (paid)
3.Psycho – Viper (payment still needed)
4.JTS – 07 Mustang (paid)
5.Wilkins – Trans Am (paid)
6.enjoyrth – Z31 300ZX Turbo (paid)
7.Tylinski – 09 Shelby Cobra (paid)
8.TWarnke – 1967 Mercury Cyclone (paid)
9.Propaneguy – 1984 F-150 (paid)
10.Balrock01 – 2010 Camaro (paid)
AWD (Should arrive between 2-3pm)
11.Balrock01 – Legacy GT (paid)
12.Casopolis – Legacy GT SpecB (paid)
13.Rawlins – 2002 WRX (paid)
14.Mitsu_matt – DSM AWD (paid)
FWD (Should arrive no later than 4pm)
15.Gorman – 91 VW GTI (paid)
16.ehancock – 04 Focus (paid)
17.austin.c – 00 Celica GT-S (paid)
18.jmarks – 2000 Cavalier (payment still needed)
19.Henry_B – 09 Civic Si (paid)
20.Rawlins – 1990 Civic Si (paid)

This is the run order which is not set in stone even though we would like to follow it as close as possible. If you miss your slot and we are still on that drivetrain layout we can just insert you before the next group starts. If the next group has already started we will wait till the very end to switch things back around, but we will get your car on the dyno.

We do understand not wanting to bring toys out in the rain.
To solve this problem those who prepaid and don’t want to drive their car in the rain (if it does rain) can reschedule for a different day without any increased cost. Refunds will not be given after Wednesday and this offer is only for those who prepaid.
We know this will be a minor inconvenience to those deterred from the rain. The upside is a private 3 run dyno session will allow more time in between runs for changes making things much less stressful & rushed.
This also applies to those with mechanical issues who prepaid.


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