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Pure Tuning 2008 Nasa Nationals TT Overview

November 19th, 2008

Going in to NASA Nationals, with rain expected Friday and Saturday, the TT Group may only have Thursday to set fast times. This was our 3rd event for our TTS Civic this year, making changes for each event. For nationals we added a built K24 and Hoosiers hoping we could get the times down from the 1,40′s that we we running at Mid Ohio in August. We had 1 Goal for Nationals, to beat our previous fast time from our EVO IX that we campaigned Last Year at 1,35.5. After I arrived I saw a new Skyline who had TTS decals, and then a pipe dream entered my head, what if a Civic could out run a R35 Skyline, then I saw the massive hoosiers and the dream was instantly squashed.

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The first session started and with Clift behind the Wheel, He turned a 1,35.4 in the first Session. Beating the our old EVO IX time by .1s he also managed to pass the R35 Skyline twice but at the end of the session it was .5s quicker. The second session came and went with no improvements in time.

During the break before session 3 we looked at some of the data from session 1 and 2, and then made some minor changes for Session 3. The Result was a 1,35.077. Tage in his EG went from 1,38′s to a 1,36.5. James Elterman in the Takata STI made it out after being held up in TECH and posted a 1,35.055 bumping us to 5th after the Skyline 1,34.266 and 2 Z06′s who were 1 and 2. Friday and Saturday Morning brought rain, but the last 2 sessions were dry, but a green track did not bring improved times. It was a great event and Good luck to Tage who was Heading directly to Nationals.

Special Thanks to PIC Suspension, Blueprint Engineering, Clifton Ching for Driving the Tires off, and Keith for the Late hour with me at the Shop.

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