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PURE Tuning EVO X Turbo Kit

January 20th, 2011

When we were approached by one of our customers to build the ultimate EVO X street car, we were baffled a little, largely because he also has a 600+whp Evo VIII. However after one ride in the VIII on the street (had been a while) we understood. The car had lost everything that is great about the stock car. The low end power, turbo response, and civility was gone as it had become a racecar driven on the street. So he bought an Evo X to have fun during his work commute, still be able to take the kids to school and use it on date night. After driving the X he loved the drivability and feel of the stock turbo but also wanted the ability to outrun almost anything on the street. So with some of the preliminary discussion normal 93oct pump fuel would be mandatory not E85. E85 is great but it’s lack of consistency was not an option since the car had to be filled at any station through all seasons with out worry of proper content mixture. It would also need to make out of town trips without a refueling flight plan.

There was also mention of possibly using the car for road course/track days as well so it needed to be durable, low weight (more our preference) and responsive. Additional turbo lag and loss of bottom end were also not an option while needing 400+whp to be a good street terror.

The customer also didn’t want the loud unnerving noise from an atmospheric wastegate dump tube so the wastegate would need recirculated.  Kids plus nagging wife in the car plus loud wastegate dump and exhaust fumes tumbling through the windows equals whinny kids and an even more naggy wife.  Not the greatest combination in my opinion.

Lastly no internal trickery allowed. The long block had to remain completely stock and all of the comfort items needed to also remain

The customers request was a tall order, but the goals were set…have cake and eat it too… No Problem! With all the new suff on the market we have been planning a turbo kit like this for years. So in short here is what we did.

- PURE Tuning / Shearer Fab Tubular V-Banded Exhaust manifold(13lbs) (OE Manifold 14lbs)

- FP-GT3076R-HTA w/Tial Sport V-Band Turbine Housing (11lbs) (OE Turbo 20lbs)

- Tial Sport 44mm MV-R Wastegate (3lbs)

- PURE Tuning 4” FMIC

- Custom Intercooler Pipe kit

- Full 4” Intake

- Pure 3” Downpipe with Re-circulated Wastegate

- Tomei Titanium Exhaust

- PURE Dyno Tune on our Mustang Dyno

Now we didn’t weigh every single little thing that came out and went back in. So before anyone gets huffy and starts complaining we wanted to add the obvious and show the main components weight.  From there the remaining oe parts such as stock downpipe w/cats and factory o2 housing, all the brackets, heat shields, airbox, intercooler, piping, frt bumper core support, that the turbo kit obviously didn’t gain any weight and if anything saved some. May end up just sticking the car on the scales to find out it’s final weight from stock.

…and the results are a turbo assembly that weighed a few pounds less than stock and a designed system that makes 422whp with increased bottom end power on 93 octane.

We look forward to hearing the customers feedback in the spring.

Pricing and availability will be released soon.

Thanks for reading.

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