Honda Cylinder Heads




Our Spec A Package is our Cylinder head refresh package. It will bring your tired head back to life with a good cleaning process, competition valve job, and fresh deck it will be ready for street or race duty.

- Teardown & Assembly**
- Fully Degreased & Cleaned
- Complete Visual Inspection
- Inspect Valve Train for Wear
- Check All Surfaces for Straightness
- Competition Valve Job
- Hand-Lapped Valves
- Vacuum-Tested Valve Seats
- Installed Valves, Springs and Retainers
- Deck Resurface to Spec
- Cylinder Head Deburred
- New Valve Seals

VTEC / Non-VTEC $595.00 USD*
Optional Services  
Competition Chambers Add $275.00 USD
Oversize Competition Chambers Add $395.00 USD
Intake Manifold Match Add $165.00 USD
Exhaust Manifold Match Add $165.00 USD
Optional Parts  
Comptition Bronze-Mag Guides Add $236.00 USD
*Customer provided cylinder head core, any additional parts extra. Plus estimated $65.00 USD Shipping and Insurance depending on location. All pricing subject to change.
** Cam & Rocker arms not included in teardown & reassembly. Teardown, cleaning and reinstallation of these components is an additional $150 and will be preformed if included with cylinder head. Other additional services may be required pending condition. Cams, studs, senors may not be reinstalled due to risk of damage in shipping or transport.


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