Mitsubishi Cylinder Heads




Our Spec A Package is our Cylinder head rebuild package. It will bring your tired head back to life with a good cleaning process, competition valve job, and fresh deck it will be ready for street or race duty.

- Teardown & Assembly**
- Fully Degreased & Cleaned
- Complete Visual Inspection
- Inspect Valve Train for Wear
- Check All Surfaces for Straightness
- Competition Valve Job
- Hand-Lapped Valves
- Vacuum-Tested Valve Seats
- Installed Valves, Springs and Retainers
- Deck Resurface to Spec
- Cylinder Head Deburred
- Lapped Intake & Exhaust mating surfaces
- New Valve Seals

4G63 / 4B11 (1g, 2g, EVO 1-10) $750.00 USD*
Optional Services  
Vapor Blast Exterior Add $95.00 USD
Clean and Reface Valves Add $120.00 USD
Oversize Chamber Quench Match Add $150.00 USD
Competition Chambers Add $275.00 USD
Oversize Competition Chambers Add $395.00 USD
Intake Manifold Match Add $165.00 USD
Exhaust Manifold Match Add $165.00 USD
4B11 Valve Lash Shim Spec Add $195.00 USD
Optional Parts  
Valvesprings & TI Retainers Call for Current Pricing
Nitride, Stainless, Inconel, Titanium Valves (Flat or Dish) Call for Current Pricing
Comptition Bronze-Mag Guides Add $236.00 USD
4B11 Valve Shim Set Call for Current Pricing
Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket Add $50.00 USD
*Customer provided cylinder head core, any additional parts extra. Plus estimated $45.00 USD Shipping and Insurance depending on location. All pricing subject to change.
**Other additional services may be required pending condition. Cams, studs, senors may not be reinstalled due to risk of damage in shipping or transport.


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