Subaru EJ Competition Short Blocks




The Subaru Spec-C Short Block engine build is designed to optimize the performance of the factory engine while maintaining exceptional reliability. Utilzing lighter and stronger forged aftermarket parts the engine receives the same attention that a race prepared engine would. While this is a basic package any amount of other upgrades can be added for an additional charge, including but not limited to Pro lightened cranks, Pro Piston Polish Service as well as a wide variety or coatings and treatments to further improve longevity and HP. Add a PURE Tuning Cylinder head stage and have a full long block built. The Spec-C short block comes with a complete build sheet, break-in-procedure, recomened oil and serial number.

2.0L-2.7L 8.2-10.5:1 CR Max Gasoline/E85 (EJ205,EJ207,EJ255,EJ257)

- Block Disassembly
- Block Cleaning and Inspection
- Block High Temp Paint
- Block Deburr
- Block Oil Passage Porting
- Cleaning of all parts
- Inspection of all parts
- Torque plate machining
- Diamond Bore
- Cylinder Hone
- Plateau Hone
- Cylinder Block Deck
- Crank Line Hone
- Micro-polish Crank
- Pro Balanced Rod / Piston Assembly (to .1g)
- Pro Balanced Rotating Assembly
- Blueprint
- Final Assembly

- 2618 Forged pistons
- Ceramic Coated Piston Tops
- Anti-Friction Coated Piston Skirts
- Offset Wrist Pin
- Performance Rings
- Forged 4340 H Beam Rods
- ARP 625+ Rod Bolts
- 4340 LW Billet Crank
- Direct Dual Oiling
- 75mm, 79mm or 83mm stroke
- Coated ACL Race Main Bearings
- Coated ACL Race Rod Bearings
- ARP Main Case Bolts
- Subaru Required Seals & O-Rings

Short Block $6485.00 USD*
Short Block w/ NEW Case $7595.00 USD*
Short Block w/ USED CORE Available Upon Request
Optional Parts / Services  
REM Polished Rods Add $280.00 USD
REM Polished Crank Add $320.00 USD
Oil Pump Pick Up Add $189.00 USD
Oil Pump Pick Up & Baffle Upgrade Add $259.00 USD
*Price starts at published Price as parts cost vary depending on engine. Customer provided engine core. Any additional parts, services or machining extra. Price does not include Shipping and Insurance.



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